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Profile Department of English,

BGR Campus, Pauri Garhwal



  1. History of Department                             :           Year of Establishment

UG - 1971, PG - 1977

  1. Focus of the Department                         :           Teaching UG, PG and Research work
  2. Programmes Offered                               :           B. A (Semester System)

M. A (Semester System) Ph. D

  1. Faculty Profile (Regular)




Qualificatio n

Designatio n

Specializat ion


Experienc e

No. of

Research Scholars


Dr. (mrs) Poonam Bisht Rawat

M. Phil, Ph. D

Incharge / Head and

Associate Professor

20th century

British Literature

More than 17 years


Registered (NET



Shri Vinay Kumar Varma

M. Phil

Associate Professor

Indian Poetics

30 years



Dr. Dharmendra Kumar


Qualified, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Contempor ary Indian Mythopoeic


More than 1 Year



  1. Publications - (2017-2021)

(1)- Dr. (mrs) Poonam Bisht Rawat - Incharge / Head and Associate Professor- Publications during last five years (2017-2021)

Number of papers published in UGC listed journals -


Name of Authors

Title of Paper

Title of the Journal




approv ed No.

1. Dr. (Mrs)

Feminism - women's


V - 12



Poonam Bisht

liberation movement:

Journal of Social





A general approach of

Science and



Factor -


Thomas Stearns Eliot

Humanists (A

(Page - 47-49)





peer reviewed &






UGC approved Journal)








2. Dr. (Mrs)

Idea of Liberation:


V  -13



Poonam Bisht

Women of

Journal of Social





Canterbury in

Science and



Factor -


Thomas Stearns

Humanists (A

(Page 11-14)




Eliot's Murder in the

peer reviewed &






UGC approved











liberation versus






religious oppression





3. Dr. (Mrs)

Thomas Stearns

The Public:

V - 7



Poonam Bisht


Problems and

Jan - march




Characterization of

Solutions (an





Women: A Royalist as


(Page 13-15)


Factor -


an anti - feminist: The

Refereed Peer -





Women of






Canterbury in Murder

Research Journal)





in the Cathedral and






Monica in the elder











4. Dr. (Mrs)

The concept of

Adhikar - an

V -1



Poonam Bisht

Affirmative and


Jan 2018




negative Women in

refereed and peer

(Page 08-12)


Factor -


Thomas Stearns

- Reviewed





Eliot's the Family

research Journal





reunion: A trend in






contrast: Amy and













5. Dr. (Mrs)



Thomas Stearns



World Translation



V- 7 issue - 5







Poonam Bisht

Eliot's Concept of

An International

Jan- June 2018




Negative Women: A

Journal of

(Page 173-178)




source in practice: A

literature and





study in Ends and






means : Celia and






Labinia in the






Cocktail party








Published Book

Name of Authors

Title of Book


Dr. (mrs) Poonam Bisht

Image of Women in the



plays of T. S. Eliot's

Publisher - Pallwi



Prakashan Delhi - 110093



Total Pages - 176


Total Number of Research Publications: 6, ( Including 1 Book)




(2)- Shree Vinay Kumar Varma - Nil

  1. - Dr. Dharmendra Kumar -
    • Kumar, Dharmendra. “Tracing the Old as ‘New’: The Concept of Hero in Contemporary Mythopoeic Fiction with Reference to Amish Tripathi and Rick Riordan.” Manaviki: An International Journal of Humanities & Social Research. Vol. XI, No 1, January-June 2019.
    • Kumar, Dharmendra. “Mythopoeia and Contemporary Representation of Indian Myths: Reading Amish Tripathi ‘s Shiva Trilogy.” Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies. Vol.IX, Issue 17, 2017 (Special).
    • Kumar, Dharmendra. “The Idea of the Child in Contemporary Mythopoesis: Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.” Jigyasa: An Interdisciplinary Refereed Research Journal. Vol X, No 1, March 2017.
    • Kumar, Dharmendra. “A Journey from Becoming a Woman to Being a Woman: Analyzing Vikas Bahl’s Queen” in Women Empowerment Through Media and Literature. Ed. Sumitra Kukreti. Neel Kamal Prakashan, Delhi-Bareilly. 2015.
  1. Research Scholar - Priyanka -Supervisor - Dr. (mrs) Poonam Bisht Rawat
    • ( UGC NET : Dec. 2019)
    • Research Publication -
  1. Transgenics in Atwood's Oryx and Crake - Published in Jankriti - Volume 7, ISSUE 78-80, Oct. - Dec. 2021, ISSN: 2454-2725.
  2. Study of places in Atwood's Oryx and Crake - in--------- Asian Thinker, Year -3,

Volume: IV, Oct. - Dec. 2021, ISSN: 2582-1296.




  1. Attended Seminar, Conferences and Workshop -


  1. Dr. (mrs) Poonam Bisht Rawat
    • National - Completed - Workshop 2019 -short term training programme in FDC Chauras H.N.B garhwal University Srinagar Garhwal w.e.f. 21/08/2019 to 27/08/2019.
  2. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar
    • Completed Orientation Course in Women’s Studies organized by Centre for Women’s Studies and Development Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU. Jan 5- 19, 2018.
    • Completed National Workshop cum Training Programme on Phonetics, Phonology and Effective Communication organized by DAV PG College affiliated to Banaras Hindu University, BHU, Varanasi. Jan 23-30, 2018.
    • Completed Summer School on Greek Language, Culture & Civilization organized by the Greek Chair at School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. May 26-30, 2018.
    • Completed 10 day workshop on“Purana-Chintan (Samsamayik Pariprekshya Me)” organized by Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. September 12-24, 2018.
    • Completed National-level Workshop on “Research Methodology in Language, Literature and Culture: Theory and Application” organized by Bhasha Bhavana (Institute of Language, Literature and Culture), Visva- Bharati, Shantiniketan, West Bengal. November 18-27, 2018
    • Completed Two Day Online“Safe Campus Program” organized by Association of Indian Universities and Martha FarrelFoundation. 29th-30th June, 2021.
    • Completed Seven Day Faculty Development Programme on “Multimodality, Multimediality in Literature, Cinema and the Allied Arts” under the scheme Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching ( Sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India),conducted by Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. 1-7 August 2018.
    • Completed 3-week Intensive Training Programme on ‘Introduction to Translation’ organized by the National Translation Mission in Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore. October 10-30,2018.
    • Completed One-Week Online Faculty Development Program on “Critical Theories and Their Modern Pedagogical Adequacy in The Humanities” organized by Department of Languages, Manipal University, Jaipur and Indian Society for Promotion of English Literature &Languages (iSPELL). 26th July- 01 August, 2021
    • Completed One-Week online faculty Development Programme (FDP) on "New Vistas in English Studies"conducted by Department of Languages, Presidency University, Bangalore . 20th to 26th September,2021.
    • Completed Seven-Day Mentorship Programme for Faculty Development in "Critical Theories & Praxis" Conducted by Department of English, School of Languages, Literature & Society, Jaipur National University. 27th September to 5th October, 2021.
    • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Tracing the Old as “New”: The Concept of Hero in Contemporary Mythopoeic Fiction with Reference to Amish Tripathi and Rick Riordan” in an International conference on “In Search of the Hero(es) Within the Genre and Beyond” organized by Department of English, Mahila Mahavidyala, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. February 23-24, 2018.
    • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” in an International Seminar on “The Future of Humanities: Challenges and Prospects” organized by Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. March 30-31,2018.
    • Participated in the 2nd International e-Conference on "Contemporary Trends and Development in Cultural Studies and the Humanities"organized by New Literaria, An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities in collaboration with the Department of History, Humanities, and Society at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, and Department of English, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, India. 22-24October, 2021.
    • Participated and presented a paper entitled “A Journey from Becoming a Woman to Being a Woman: Analyzing Vikas Bahl’s Queenin a National Seminar on “Empowering the Role & Images of Women through Literature: Present Scenario & Futuristic Contemplationorganized by Department of Applied English, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. March 27-28, 2015.
    • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Analyzing Contemporary Mythopoeic Fiction: A Select Study of the Fiction of Amish Tripathi and Rick Riordan” in National Seminar on “Rewriting the Past: Literature, Myth and Historyorganized by Department of English, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. March 26-27, 2018.
    • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Mythopoeia and Contemporary Representation of Indian Myths: Reading Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogyin National Seminar on “History, Myth and Orality: Cultural and Literary Traditions in India” organized by Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. November 14-15, 2018.
    • Participated in the National Webinar on “Myth, Literature and Hermeneutics” organized by Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC)&the PG EnglishAssociation, NesamonyMemorial Christian College, Marthandam, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. 17 July, 2021.
    • Participated in National Webinar on “Concept of Indian Literature and Translation” conducted by Centre of Indian Languages, SLL&CS, JNU, New Delhi. 31st August, 2021.
    • Participated in National-Level Webinar on " Cyber Literature- The New " New Literature": Literary Remediation and Nascent Narratives" organized by the

Department of Languages at Presidency University, Bangalore. September 29, 2021.

    • Attended a Two-day virtual National Conference on " Language Teaching in the New Normal Age: New Ideas, Methodologies, and Teaching Practices." Organized by the Department of Science and Humanities, KGiSL Institute of Technologies, Coimbatore. 10-11 November, 2021.


Incharg / Head

Department of English

BGR Campus, Pauri Garhwal

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