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Department of Chemistry

                                                           हेमवती नंदन बहुगुणा गढ़वाल विश्वविद्यालय(केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय)

                                           HEMVATI NANDAN BAHUGUNA GARHWAL UNIVERSITY( A Central University )

About Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1973. At present, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses are being run by the Department.The Department has successfully completed more than 20 research projects from different funding agencies and have published many peer-reviewed research papers in different International and National journals. Research activities are mainly focused on the chemical analysis of the medicinal plants of the Himalayan region, isolation and characterization of naturalbiologically active molecules with synthetic investigations. Some of these research areas include Natural Products, Nanoscience, Sensors, Photochemistry, Photophysics, etc.

The department  has undertaken collaborative work with the internationaluniversities like University of Manchester, UK, School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK, School of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Ohio State University, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hiroshima, Japan,  University of Missouri  and Texas Tech University , USA , Technische University, Germany and University of Pavia , Italy and some nationally reputed industries and research laboratories (FRI, Dehradun, IARI, New Delhi, GVK Biosciences Hyderabad CSIR- CDRI, Lucknow, CSIR - IIP , CSIR-CIMAP, CSIR-NBRI, CSIR- ITRC , NIPER and IISER, Bal Pharma, Asthagiri  Herbal Research Foundation  as well as with other departments of the university Physics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Botany, Zoology and High Altitude Plant Physiology Research Centre .

The faculty members have travelled extensively abroad to countries like USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Canada and Switzerland for scientific and research programs and for seminars and post doctoral work.

  Vision  and Mission of the Department

Establishing a professional learning atmosphere through bringing highly qualified teachers community, providing innovative solutions to the students, to start specialization in Inorganic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry to broaden educational areas, advance frontiers of knowledge and enhance diversity, ensuring high levels of learning for everyone so that student can build his/her career independently in industry, academic and research institutions and private sectors, provide an education that transforms students through rigorous coursework and by providing an understanding of the needs of society and industry, to collaborate with other academic and research institutes around the world to strengthen the education and research ecosystem.

 Uniqueness of the Department

The Department of Chemistry is unique in the world because there is only one Himalayan region in the world. We are situated in the foothills of the heavenly beautiful Himalayan Mountains. This region grows some of the most unique plants of medicinal value that are not grown anywhere else in the world. The plants grown in the Himalayan regions have tremendous value in herbal and Nano-Ayurvedic medicine The Department of Chemistry has capitalized on this unique natural wealth.

We already have UGC SAP –DRS (II) in Natural Products Chemistry devoted to the study of high Altitude plants which can be used for medicinal purposes and the department has been working successfully for many years in the field of bioactive secondary metabolites from high altitude plants of medicinal values. We therefore, are in a position to provide a nature made laboratory for the greatest experts in the field to undertake together with us the research work in this field which shall prove beneficial and establish landmarks not only for academics but also for the entire humanity.

The Department has synthesized many nanoparticles using the plant materials and metal salt. Green Synthesis of nanoparticles is cost effective and environmental friendly and non-toxic. There are a number of great developments in Green nanotechnology inventions. A number of inventions have now become commercial products in the health and hygiene fields. In fact, Government of India is using one of the green nanoproducts for anti--COVID applications from one of our collaborator from USA.

MoU : 03

Two:  International (University of Missouri completed, University of Texas Tech, USA, ongoing and one National with Bal Pharma Industries, Bangalore

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