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About Department

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has a vision to evolve so as to conduct research of high quality and to develop cutting edge electronic products and technology. With this vision the department has a mission to attain high standards of teaching and academics to train skilled engineers and researchers to serve the society. The department has following resources available:

S. No. Name Details
1 Smart Class Room UPS Supply, Podium, Speaker, Smart Board, Projector.
2 Library Library has rich collection of approximately 2000 book titles available for the B. Tech. students.
3 Laboratory Department has well equipped Laboratories. Some of the equipments available are as following:
Computer Lab (30 Computer Systems), UPS, DC Power Supply, Digital CRO, Function Generator, Digital Multi-meter, Experimental kits for Electronic Circuits, Communications, Antenna and Microwave Laboratories, NI Elvis II, NI My Rio, NI myDAQ, Embedded kit, NI My Rio Mechatronics kit, FPGA Evaluation Board.

Location: Left wing on Lower Ground Floor, School of Engineering and Technology Building, Chauras Campus, HNB Garhwal University.

Last Updated on 13/02/2020