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Course Details

Courses : M.Ed., B.Ed.
Course Name Duration
M.Ed. (Semester system) One year course (Seats - 35)

Admissions in order of merit on the basis of the qualifying entrance examination organized by the University.

M.Ed. programme will have two semesters.

Semester I
Paper– I
Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education - 100 Marks

Paper– II
Psychological Foundation of Education - 100 Marks

Note: This paper will have a theory paper of 80 marks and a psychology practical of 20 marks. The division of marks for psychology practical will be as under

  1. Practical Examination : 10
  2. Practical file &Viva – Voce :10

PaperIII –
Methodology of Educational Research : 100

Semester II:

Courses of Study:
Paper – IV & V

Paper – VI (Dissertation)
Every student will essentially be required to submit a small project or an assignment in each of the above papers for obtaining eligibility to be allotted a dissertation work in the second semester.


Paper IV & V- A student will be required to choose one of the following groups of specialization, each consisting of two papers of 100 marks each.

Group A– Guidance and Counselling
Paper IV Guidance: 100 Marks

Paper V Counselling: 100 Marks

Group B– Educational Technology
Paper IV Principles of Educational Technology: 100 Marks

Paper V Practices of Educational Technology: 100 Marks

Group C– Comparative Education
Paper IV Principles of Educational Administration and Supervision: 100 Marks

Paper V Study of Systems of Education: 100 Marks

Group D– Educational Administration, Supervision and Planning
Paper IV Principles of Educational Administration and Supervision: 100 Marks

Paper V Education Planning: 100 Marks

Group E– Experimental Education and Statistics –
Paper IV Principles of Experimental Design: 100 Marks

Paper V Advanced Statistics: 100 Marks

Group F– Language Education
Paper IV Theoretical and Pedagogical Bases of Language Education: 100 Marks

Paper V Problems of Language Education: 100 Marks

Paper VI Dissertation: A candidate who has completed a small project or an assignment work in I semester will be required to select an educational problem in consultation with the departmental supervisor and conduct the study/experiment in the field. He/she will be required to submit the dissertation in the form and manner decided by the department.


1- Birla Campus : 140
2- S.R.T. Campus : 70
3- B.G.R. Campus :100


M.A. Education (Self - Financed)

Duration of the course : 02 years

Seats : 30

Admission – On the basis of merit through Entrance Examination conducted by the University.

Semester I:

1- Philosophical Foundations of Education: 100 Marks
2 – Psychological Foundations of Education:100 Marks

Semester II

  1. Sociological Foundations of Education :100 Marks
  2. Methodology of Educational Research and statistics: 100 Marks
  3. Psychological testing : 100 Marks

Semester III:

  1. Comparative Education: 100 Marks
  2. Teacher Education: 100 Marks

Semester IV:

  1. Educational Technology: 100 Marks
  2. One of the following papers: 100 Marks
    • Intelligence, Creativity and Education
    • Economics of Education
    • Environmental Education
    • Special Education
    • Population Education
    • Distance Education
    • Value Education and Human Rights
    • Education for Empowerment of Women
    • Education for leisure
    • Yoga Education


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