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Research & Projects Undertaken:

Research is one of the important dimensions for a subject to grow. Adult Continuing Education and Extension as a new discipline has tremendous potential for research.

Ongoing Research Projects
Sr. No. Title of Research Scholar Supervisor


Paryavaran Sanrakshan aur Vikas mein Sweshik Sansthaon ke Yogdan tatha Samudai Istar par unke karyon ke prabhav ka Visleshnatmak Adhyayan. Smt. Preeti Sati Prof. S.S. Rawat
2. Gramin Kshetron Ke Vidhayalaya Purva Shishuon Mein Poshan Ki Isthithi Ka Visleshnatmak Adhyayan. Rupali Gupta Prof. S.S. Rawat
3. Madhyamik Vidhayalaya Ke Shikshakon Ki Janshankhya Shkisha Ke Aayamon Ke Prati Vyavharikta Ka Ek Adhyayan. Alka Pandey Prof. A.K. Bahuguna
4. “A Study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Secondary School Students towards Population Education Pooja Negi Prof. A.K. Bahuguna
The researcher submitted their thesis listed below:
Sr. No. Title of Research Scholar Supervisor
1. “A KAP study of S.H.G. working in Uttarakhand” Sunil Kumar Prof. A.K. Bahuguna


D.Phil. Awarded
Sr. No. Title of Research Scholar Supervisor
1. Uttaranchal Rajya Ke Pahari tatha Maidani Kshetron Mein Satat Shiksha ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan. S.K. Sharma Prof. Arun Misra
2. Uche Shiksha Mein Adhyayanrat Chhatron Ka Janshankhya Shiksha Ke Prati Gyan avam abhivriti: Ek Adhyayan. Saurabh Mishra Prof. A.K. Bahuguna
3. Uttaranchal Ke Pahari Kshetron Mein Samtulyata Karyakram Ka Visleshnatmak Adhyayan. Jitendra Tiwari Prof. Arun Misra
Project Undertaken
Sr. No. Title of the project Duration Funding Agency
1. Physical Verification and Monitoring of Ringal (Hill Bamboo) Plantation in Upper Himalaya Uttarakhand

2009 to

  till date
ONGC Ltd. New Delhi
Any Other Relevant Information


  1. Extension Programme:
    1. Continuing Education Courses at Campus and Community Level: such as Computer Literacy Course, Career Guidance, Research Methodology, PersonalityDevelopment, Income Generating Courses, Women Development and Empowerment, Enterpreneurship Development
    2. Population Education Programme
    3. Continuing Education Centers
    4. Equivalency Programme,
    5. Celebration of Special Days – World Environment Day, World Population Day, World AIDS Day, International Women's Day, International Literacy Day etc.
    6. Training Programme
      Organization of Regional/National Seminars, Workshops
  2. Networking and Linkages:
                Linkages with Different Departments/Faculties of the University, Other Universities, NGOs, Government Bodies etc.
  3. Publications:
    1. Books, Booklets, Articles, Research Papers, News Letters, Monographs, Brochures.
    2. Print and Non-Print Material- Video Cassettes, Audio Cassettes and CDs.
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