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Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

                                                           हेमवती नंदन बहुगुणा गढ़वाल विश्वविद्यालय(केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय)

                                           HEMVATI NANDAN BAHUGUNA GARHWAL UNIVERSITY( A Central University )


Major Areas of Research

  • Climate Change, Vulnerability  and Adaptation
  • REDD+
  • Ecosystem Goods and Services
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Forest Conservation
  • Agroforestry
  • Conservation Ecology
  • Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology
  • Seed Biology

Major Areas for Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Catchment Area Treatment Plan
  • Clonal Propagation & High Tech Nursery 
  • Ecological studies
  • Eco-restoration
  • Socio–economic studies
  • GIS-RS related services
  • Study designing and analysis

Extension Areas

  • Environmental awareness
  • Eco-development camps
  • Plantation
  • Experimental nursery
  • Medicinal plant garden

Training Areas

  • Basic Forestry
  • Hill Agroforestry
  • Natural Resource Management
  • REDD+
  • Climate Vulnerability Assessment
  • Socio-economic Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Research Techniques

Infrastructural Facilities

  • Department building with spread of 2376.33 m2 including 1300 m2 area for Laboratories
  • Dedicated boys hostel with capacity of 53 seat and one guest room
  • Departmental library with approx. 4000 books and 12 national and international forestry journals
  • Seminar hall with audio-visual aids with capacity of 90 seats
  • Committee room with audio-visual aids
  • One ha area nursery for field experimentation
  • Environmental controlled mist chamber /Glasshouse
  • Forest product museum
  • Plant tissue culture lab
  • Microbiology and plant pathology lab with culture room
  • Seed biology lab
  • Walk in seed germination-cum- growth chamber
  • Advance computer Lab. with 10 computers
  • Basic Computer Lab. with 10 computers exclusively for undergraduate & postgraduate students
  • High speed broad band connection and V-SET facilities
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Lab. with high resolution plotter
  • ERDAS & ARCVIEW/ ARC GIS, GIS software
  • SPSS software for data analysis
  • Mini bus for student’s tour
  • Vehicle for field tour

Technical Facilities

  • Micro-biology lab
  • Tissu Culture lab
  • Seed lab
  • Soil lab
  • Conservation lab
  • Mensuration and Engineering lab
  • RS&GIS lab
  • Data analysis lab
  • NTFPs and Wood product Museum


  • Environmental control Mist chamber
  • UV - Spectrophotometer
  • US – VIS Spectrometers
  • VIS Spectrometer
  • Seed germinators
  • Digital Microscope
  • Electrophoresis
  • Increment borers
  • Surveying equipments
  • Seed quality measuring equipments
  • ArcGIS and ERDAS; SPSS Software
  • Large Map Plotter


Foreign Collaboration

  • Rottenburg University, Germany
  • ICRAF, South East Asia Office, New Delhi

Collaborating Departments from University

  • Department of Zoology & Biotechnology
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Rural Technology
  • Department of Geology
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Botany

Quality Teaching

  • ICAR Syllabi for Bachelors’
  • ICFRE Syllabi for Masters’
  • Accredited by ICFRE
  • Use of Modern Teaching Tools 
  • Continuous internal assessment
  • Opportunity of seminars and group discussion
  • Field visits/technique tour/study tour
  • Research assignment
  • Regular interaction with faculty
  • Opportunity for interaction with experts

Teaching Aids and Approachs

  • Use of OHPs and LCD for class room teaching
  • Field oriented training
  • Farmers’ field
  • Natural forests
  • Protected Areas
  • Tree outside forests
  • Industrial exposure and training
  • National level forestry research institutes/universities
  • Reputed Non Governmental Organisations
  • Reputed Private Companies
  • Seminars/Workshops and group discussions etc.
  • Basic and Advanced computer labs with LAN for Post graduate and graduate students
  • High speed broad band linked with V-SET facilities

Placement of Students

  • In academics as Associate and Assistant Professor in Universities/ Colleges,
  • In research, as ARS Scientist in ICAR Institutes,
  • In industries, as professionals in Plywood, Paper & Pulp, Plantation Industries. 
  • In NGOs, as professionals in ATI, CHIRAG, CHEEA etc.
  • In research, as JRF, SRF, RA in National and regional research institutes such as ICAR Delhi, ICFRE Dehradun, FRI, Dehradun, CSIR New Delhi, IIFM Bhopal, GBPIHD Almora, HNBGU Srinagar


S.No. Name of Project Funding Agency Year
1. Energy consumption survey in Garhwal Himalaya
Dr. N.P.Todaria
DNES 1987-90
2. Propagation studies on social forestry and agroforestry tree species of mountains
Dr. N.P.Todaria
MoEF 1990-93
3. Investigation into factors affecting seed quality of social forestry tree species
Dr. N. P. Todaria
CSIR 1990-93
4. Research and development of demonstration units for agroforestry systems in hills
Dr. N. P. Todaria
DoEn U.P. Govt. 1993-98
5. Studies on oak fodder of Garhwal Himalaya
Dr. N. P. Todaria
ICAR 1995-98
6. Demonstration of sloping Watershed Environmental Engineering Technology (SWEET) for restoration of degraded lands in Garhwal Himalaya
Dr. N. P. Todaria
GBPIHED 1995-99
7. Co-ordinated Research project on Albizia lebbek
Dr. N .P .Todaria
ICFRE 1997-2000
8. Seed Technology of Priority species
Prof. N. P. Todaria
ICFRE 1997-2000
9. Wastelands Development of Non-Forested Areas through Agroforestry Models
Prof. N. P. Todaria
Dept. of LR MoRD 1997-2002
10. Provenance Progeny trials in P. ciliate
Prof. N .P. Todaria
CSIR 2000-2003
11. Pollen Productivity, Multilocational dispersal trials and provenance-progeny analysis in Pinus roxburghii sergeant- Dr. C.M. Sharma ICFRE 1997-2001
12. Co-ordinated research project on genetic improvement of Pinus roxburghii
Dr. C. M. Sharma
ICFRE 1997-2001
13. Studies on Allelopathy interactions in Agroforestry systems in Garhwal Himalaya
Prof. N.P.Todaria  and Dr. B.P.Bhatt
ICAR 2000-2003
14. Bamboo farming in marginal and sub-marginal lands in Garhwal using agroforestry techniques
Prof. N. P. Todaria and Dr. B. P. Bhatt
Dept. of LR MoRD 2002-2005
15. Quality Seedling Production and Establishment of Herbal garden (Trees only)
Prof. N.  P. Todaria and Dr. D. S. Chauhan
NMPB 2004-2007
16. Forest Diversity Studies in Fakot & Pathri Rao Watersheds
Prof. N. P. Todaria and Dr. D. S. Chauhan
DST 2005-2007
17. Regeneration and Plant Diversity Status along the Disturbance Gradient on Natural Oak Forests in Garhwal Himalaya
Dr. D. S. Chauhan and Prof. N. P. Todaria
MoEF 2006-2009
18. Conservation and sustainable development of Dwarf bamboo in the Garhwal Himalaya
Prof. N. P. Todaria and Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta
NBM MoA 2008-2011
19. Predator People Conflict in the mountainous landscapes of the Alaknanda valley in Garhwal Himalaya
Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta and Prof. N. P. Todaria
UCOST 2009-2010
20. Agroforestry mapping of Uttarakhand
Prof. N. P. Todaria and Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta
ICRAF, Delhi 2011-13
21. Soil seed bank and post-fire regeneration ecology of Pine forest in Garhwal Himalaya 
Dr. S. S. Phartyal, Prof. N. P. Todaria
UGC, New Delhi 2011-2014
22. All India Coordinated Research project on Sacred Grove Ecosystem Service Assessment in Uttarakhand
Prof. N. P. Todaria, Dr. A .K Negi and Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta
MOEF, New Delhi 2012-2017
23. One Time Research Grant to work on species shift above timber line and Vulnerability Analysis
Prof. N. P. Todaria
UGC, New Delhi 2012-2013


S. No. Name of Project Funding Agency Year
1. Natural Regeneration Research and Consultancy study in DNP, KWLS & SWLS in U.P. U.P. Forest Department, Lucknow 2001-2002
2. Formulation of EIA and EMP of Kotlibhel hydroelectric project stage – IA Uttarakhand NHPC 2005-2006
4. Formulation of EIA and EMP of Kotlibhel hydroelectric projects stage – IB in Uttarakhand NHPC 2005-2006
5. Formulation of EIA and EMP of Naitwar-Mori hydroelectric project, District. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand SJVNL 2007-2008
6. Socio Economic Study  for Lata Tapovan Hydro Power project, District. Chamoli, Uttarakhand NTPC 2008-2009
7. Base Line Demographic and Socio Economic survey in respect of Naitwar Mori HEP, District. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand  SJVNL 2008-2009
8. Socio Economic Study for Rupsiabagar- Khasiabara Hydro Power Project (RKHPP), District. Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand NTPC 2008-2009
9 Formulation of EIA and EMP of Bhilangana hydroelectric project, District Tehri, Uttarakhand UJVNL 2008-2009
10 Formulation of EIA and EMP of Asiganga hydroelectric project, District. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand UJVNL 2009-2010
11 Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of Naitwar Mori HEP, District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand SJVNL 2009-2010
12 Review of WII Report on Cumulative Impact Assessment GMR 2011-2012


  • Training workshop on “Training on entry point activities for joint forest management for field functionaries” collaboration between RC-NAEB, New Delhi and Department of Forestry, Srinagar, June, 2000.
  • International Seminar on “Forests, Forest Product and Services: Research, Development and Challenges Ahead” Srinagar, November, 2006
  • Training cum traveling workshops on “Micro-planning, PRA, Accounting Procedures, Records Management and SHGs under the FDA Projects in Uttarakhand” collaboration between RC-NAEB, New Delhi and Department of Forestry, Srinagar, April 2006. 
  • National Workshop on “Climate Change and Himalayan Environment” Srinagar, April, 2009
  • National Workshop on “Quaternary Climate studies with emphasis on Dendrochronology and Palynology” acted as host institute for the training workshop conducted by Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany, Lucknow, May 12-18, 2009.
  • Potential of Bio-diversity rich community conservation area in Uttrankhand Srinagar, 24-25 Nov, 2009.
  • Workshop on “Potential of Van-Panchayat for REDD+ Pilot Project in Uttrakhand” Srinagar 26-27 March, 2011.
  • Workshop on sustainable harvesting and use of Ringal in Uttrakhand, 2011.
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