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Sr. No. Title Tender Number Tender Opening Date Tender Closing Date File Details
1 Regarding uploading of tender documents("Renovation/Modification work of new allotted Home Science deptt. Rooms at Birla campus Srinagar"). HNBGU/C&M/2021/1477
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2 Regarding Envelop Printing Tender HNBGU/Purchase & sell/2021/1213
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3 Tender Notice HNBGU/C&M/2021/ 112
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4 uploading of tender document HNBGU/C&M/2021/ 111
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5 Tender for Washing/repairing work in different places (allotted houses and emergency works etc) at Srinagar, Chauras, Tehri and Pauri campuses of the University HNBGU/C&M/2021/ DATED 09-08-2021
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6 Tender for Supply and Printing of Envelops HNBGU/Purchase/2021/1227 Dated:22/07/2021
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7 Ext..Dates for submission of limited tender hnbgu
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8 Corrigendum for Limited Tender hnbgu
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9 Limited Tender Notification Limited Tender Notification Dated 6/4/2021
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10 Limited Tender for BOQ for supply & Fixing of 3.6 Cx1185 sqmm AI. armoured cable Busbar box dismantling of pole & conductors etc at university campus, Srinagar Garhwal. Ref. No. E/M/Limited Tender/2021/18 Date: 19/ 03/2021
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