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About the Department

The Department of Zoology came into existence by way of the teaching at UG level with the setting up of Birla Government Degree College at Srinagar (Garhwal) in 1962. Subsequently, it was upgraded as a PG and Research Department with the inception of Garhwal University in 1973. Since then, owing to the sustained efforts of the faculty members along with the untiring hard work of the employees under able leaderships, the department has made a steady progress in all spheres of higher learning.

Over the years, the Department has developed a strong research base in thrust areas viz., Environmental Endocrinology, Chemoreception Behaviour and Freshwater Biology recognized under SAP (UGC). Under these thrust areas both basic as well as applied researches relevant regionally, nationally and internationally, are being addressed e.g. timing of seasonal reproduction, migration, thyroid biochemistry and physiology with references to iodine deficiency, chemoreception and pheromones, fish and fishery biology, ecosystems productivity, bioenergetics, freshwater habitat ecology, benthic macroinvertebrate community structure, conservation biology of endangered Himalayan pheasants, Musk deer, the game fish Mahseer and aquatic biodiversity.

The important academic contribution of faculty members was recognized by the UGC, as the Department has been identified as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for teaching and research through its Special Assistance Programme (SAP-DRS-COSIST, 1994 onward). Also, DST-FIST (2003) and DBT-HRD (2008) have further strengthened the department.

Till date, over 100 scholars have been awarded D.Phil./ Ph.D. and 02 D.Sc. Degree in Zoology along with 15 Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology of the University. As such, the Department has the distinction of having completed 35 individual research projects. The students of the Department have placements in many prestigious national and international Institutes/Universities.

The faculty members have been honoured by various awards and fellowships viz., INSA Young Scientist, UGC Career Development Award, Royal Society (UK) Bursary Award, Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Science (Bangalore), Fellowship of American Ornithologists Union, SERC Fellowship of DST, Fellowships of National Institute of Ecology. Also, the faculty members have been elected to various prestigious institutional bodies e.g. International Committee of Avian Endocrinologist, International Union of Game Biologists, International Commission of WAVPPB of IUPS, International Ornithological Committee, Asian Fisheries Society (Indian Branch), National Institute of Ecology, and Royal Entomological Society, London.

The Department has so far, organized 05 National and 06 International Seminar/Symposia/Conference. Faculty members regularly participate in International and National seminars/symposia/conferences, and have published more than 500 Research papers/articles in the scientific journals of National and International repute.

The department has been running UG (Zoology) and PG programmes (Zoology, Biotechnology and Integrated 5 Year M.Sc. Biotechnology) under CBCS. Introduced new course (Himalayan Aquatic Biodiversity) with the aim to groom the students to achieve excellence in academic/research careers and prepare them for competitive exams. The Department offers specialization/electives in Reproductive and Wildlife Biology, Fishery Science, Fish Biotechnology, Immunotechnology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, Food & Beverage Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Drug Designing, Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, Himalayan Aquatic Biodiversity and Environmental Biology.

To support the teaching and research, library facility with access to multiple copies of latest editions of standard text and reference books have been established in the Department.

Quality Teaching Ensured

  • Regular revision Syllabi and Teaching Methodologies.
  • Courses conducted according to UGC-MERP guidelines Semester System, Continuous Internal Assessment, Seminars, Group Discussions, Tutorials, Project Assignments, Brainstorming Interactive Group Teaching & Computer Assisted Teaching.



The Department is identified by UGC for excellence in research and teaching through SAP-DRS I, II & COSIST, DST-FIST, DBT-HRD, has emerged as a hub of scientific activity and quality Human Resource Development.

  • Most striking feature is its warm ambience and strong student-teacher rapport conducive for creative thinking & personality building.
  • Attracts every year students from different Universities & States.
  • Students rated highly motivated, alert, articulate & aware as compared to those in other State Universities (Resonance, July 2003, IISc Bangalore, Editorial).
  • Students regularly qualify national tests (NET, GATE, SLE,T ICAR/ICMR)
  • High student placement (in industry, IITs & Universities, 2000-07).
  • Among the first in the country to introduce Integrated 5 Year M.Sc. Programme in Biotechnology (2004).
  • Animal dissection replaced by behaviour and conservation biology syllabi at UG & PG level since last fifteen years.
  • High quality basic & applied researches (IF 2-3.6) carried out that have placed the country on world map in indicated areas viz., Freshwater Biology (Fisheries Science, Fish Biology & Conservation Biology)/Ornithology /Comparative Endocrinology/Biotech/Molecular/other?
  • Organized 06 well attended International & several National Conferences. Leading Biologists of the country and the world have contributed special lectures (including 4 FRS, 2 Nobel nominees, FNAs).
  • Generated manpower with skills in event management, bird watch, fish sport, animal trails-important ingredients for Ecotourism in Uttarakhand.
  • Consultancy provided to NTPC, NHPC, RITES, VAPCOS on water quality, aquatic flora & fauna, hatchery design etc.; Inputs to fish farmers; Expertise extended to ICAR Fisheries Institutes.
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