Executive Council
The Executive Council shall be the principal executive body of the University.  
The constitution of the Executive Council, the term of office of its members and its powers and functions shall be prescribed by the Statutes :Provided that such number of members as may be prescribed by the Statutes shall be from among the elected members of the Court. 
Members of Executive Council


i.           The Vice Chancellor


(Chairman, Ex-Officio)

ii.         The Pro Vice Chancellor


iii.       Three Deans of the School to be selected by rotation in order of seniority.

1.     Prof. M.S.M.Rawat, Dean, School of Sciences

2.     Prof.  S.S.  Dev, Dean, School of Arts, Communication and Languages

3.     Prof. L.J. Singh, Dean, School of Earth Sciences

iv.        One Principal from Govt./Govt. aided colleges affiliated with HNBGU to be selected by rotation in order of seniority in substantive capacity as Principal.

 (Member, Ex-Officio)

v.          One Professor, one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor to be selected by rotation on the basis of seniority.

(Member, Ex-Officio)

vi.        One member elected by the Court. He/ She shall not be eligible for reappointment.


vii.      One person to be nominated by the Chancellor

Dr. A.K.Gupta, Director, Wadia Institute, Dehradun

viii.    Four persons to be nominated by the visitor.

1.     Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Mahesh Chandra Badhani

2.     Shri M. Veeraiah Chowdary, former Member, Board of Management, Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural Univeristy

3.     Prof. S.K.Joshi, former Director General, CSIR

4.     Prof. R.K.Shivpuri, Distinguished Professor

ix.       One person to be nominated by the  Chairman, UGC.

Prof. V.K.Jain, Vice-Chancellor, Doon University, Dehradun

x.         One person to be nominated by the Secretary, Higher Education, MHRD.

( Member, Ex-Officio)

Registrar shall act as Ex-Officio Secretary

Prof. P.S.Rana

Registrar, HNBGU

(Ex-Officio Secretary)